Artist’s explosion in Japan

TO: Artists and Labels who concerned with.
(mainly those artists that come through, facebook, linkedin,,, Ariel PR,

Brand-new Strong artist promotion service
“Artist’s explosion in Japan”
by (Bigfish Network Inc.) since 2006

last update 2017.01.11

[ On APRIL 2011 ]
WE RAISE UP SUBMISSION FEE TO 4,500 Japanese Yen. Value!
our “Artist’s explosion in Japan Service! becomes stronger than before!!
we add a special service to our menu. It’s called “Directors Gear”.

What does;

1. We set up your page on “ mp3 blog.” already has been introducing over 2,000 bands and artists.
Now music blog “” has approx.200,000 unique users a month with over 300,000 pageviews (July. 2015), and more than 5,000 visitors a day, 9 gigabytes daily transfer. It’s increasing day by day.

To play your music on our web-radio, is to easily recognize your music to Japanese music fans.

2. Set your own page up in Japanese, at our “” blog, that includes your basic info (Genres, location etc.), plus your self-description (your catch-copy or/and strong points) on it, It also includes one mp3 sound file. So it is submitted into Japanese podcast portal websites. Our blog sends ping to Japanese several other portal blog sites at every update.

Of course, we link back to “your original website”, “your facebook URL”, “your Apple iTunes Music Store page” and “where to buy CD”. It means, our visitors are able to easily jump into your music, whenever they love you!!

on 29th Dec 2007, we start to add YouTube’s embed video to blog.

3. If you give us an additional approve for Pod-safe usage, we provide your song to other Japanese Podcasters and let your music make more exposure in Japan,..

We also put your song into 2 other Japanese website services.

4. Directors Gear – RADIO MEDIA Syndication (FM, AM)
Directors Gear is exactly that all of Foreign Artists, Bands, and Musicians of Independent are waiting for !!
Brand New Service for approaching to Japanese Media!!

Directors Gear(Japanese Only)

“Directors Gear” is japanese website service of RADIO MEDIA Syndication like AIR PLAY DIRECT and ARIEL PR. Recently we got to be a member there. There are joining over 500 Professional Radio Directors. and (April 2009) About 300 Professional Radio Directors of them are usually playing Foreign songs (CHR, ROCK, HIPHOP, POPS, Alternative, Indie, COUNTRY, Jazz, NEWAGE, WORLD) at their Radio Show programs (FM and AM). YES, YES, YES, does upload your profile data and mp3s into “Directors Gear” website and support your exposure here in Japan, appeals to over 300 Professionals for 30 days. In the case that When we recieve an offer to “Send CD for Air Play”, we immediately toss its director’s name and snail address to You. You will actually ship your promo CD, and You would get a chance here in Japan. It’s Value for you to increase awareness.

5. JUKEBOX (Feed Player)
embedable Feed Player for

And more,

6. live showcase – calling an artist to Tokyo
It would be our first experience and really challenging for us, though,,,
Nov. 2006, we actually did tokyo showcase events with 4 night shows in Tokyo inviting Valery Gore (toronto, CAN). details are here at
Dec. 2007 we have Tokyo showcase live “Bigfish live” with featuring Rachael Sage from NewYork, USA
In near future, we will do it again. we are going to invite 1 artist, at least, to Japan, and set up a few stages for show case gigs, somewhere in popular nightclubs in Tokyo or so , if we have a chance and oppotunity.

What you do for it;

Allow us to have permission to promote your song to Japanese music listeners through the internet! We will do this non-exclusively.

Email me your Basic information, and one mp3 file (192kbps-320kbps, apple quality or amazon quality) with our application form below. We don’t need CD anymore.

We email back you how to pay 4,500 Japanese Yen charge after we recieve your email.

Pay Set-up fee through our secure online form.
We can accept credit card (visa, master, amex) and Paypal.
4,500 Japanese Yen will be charged (about $45.00 US dollars) for setting your song in our online radio, “Directors Gear” and 2 other music SNS that we describe above.

As soon as the submission fee has been payed, we will set up your page and play your song, submit your date into “Directors Gear” and 2 other SNS community websites as well. We’ll be glad to promote you and hope our promotion actually works well for you here in Japan. ARIGATO.

email form:
email to please.
Your Name:
ARTIST/Band Name:
Location(City, State, Country name):
Your URLs…
Facebook(if you have):
Twitter(if you have):
YouTube video URL (if you have):
Reverbnation(if you have):
Soundcloud(if you have):
Apple iTunes Music Store:
Where to buy CD:

One-sentence description (or Catch copy) about your style:

your descriptions within 1,000 letters:

Pod safe (Yes/No)
Live Performance in Tokyo (Yes/No)

attaching 1 mp3 file (192k-320k) and your picture/CD cover (1MB, or less)

We email back you how to pay 4,500 Japanese Yen charge after we recieve your email.

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